Karoshi (過労死) 


'This passionate performance made me look at my own lifestyle choices, work practices and values...an important piece of theatre...'

[BUZZCUT audience member]


Taking inspiration from the tweets of Mita Diran, a 24 year old copywriter who collapsed, fell into a coma and died after working 30 hours straight, Karōshi is part fiction, part documentary; part installation, part endurance test, and takes a cold, hard look at our capacity for self-destruction.


Developed for BUZZCUT Festival, 2014 and performed at the Pearce Institute, Glasgow.



'Serious, thought-provoking, upsetting, moving, shocking, wonderful. Profoundly interesting. I’ll think on this for a while.'  

[Arches LIVE audience member] 


Inspired by Amy's experience as a support worker assisting people with deafblindness for Sense Scotland, this immersive one-on-one, promenade performance championed the value of our more marginalised members of society and sought to reveal the wonders of darkness and silence.


Developed for Arches LIVE 2013, subsequently presented at the Southside Fringe Festival 2014 and at On The Verge Festival 2015, a co-production with Hope Street in Liverpool and Conflux in Glasgow. 



‘beguiling’ **** 

[Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman]


A celebration of three lives, spanning fifty years with the women of one family and inviting audiences to consider the richness in their own maternal history.


The first development of the production was presented at Arches LIVE 2014 in collaboration with and directed by Victoria Beesley.


30:60:80 will tour Scottish theatres in February/March 2016 in association with Platform and with support from Creative Scotland. See the 30:60:80 page for performance dates and details. 



Work as lead artist 


'Conway and Byres are an immensely likeable double act...'


[Lorna Irvine, The Skinny] 


A grotesque but tender and darkly comedic piece of devised theatre about the all-pervasive presence of the internet in our lives and relationships. In the search for their "cyber love", Amy and Kirsty discover that physical intimacy and real connection is just another commodity.  


Update was a collaboration between Amy Conway, Sarah Bradley and Kirsty Byres.


Developed and performed for Arches LIVE 2012.    




Theatre Maker & Performer




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Image by Scott Cadenhead ​


Karōshi, BUZZCUT 2014