we used to find things a lot easier... meeting people... I used to go dancing five nights a week... ten to one I got a date on Sunday night...”


30:60:80 is a celebration of three lives, collectively spanning fifty years with the women of one family and inviting audiences to consider the richness in their own maternal herstory.


When Amy’s grandma turned 30, she had three children and was thankful to finally live in a house with an indoor toilet. When Amy’s mum turned 30, she was an NHS professional, had a mortgage and was pregnant with her first child. Amy just turned 30. She’s single, chancing it, and certain about exactly nothing.


Utilising an innovative form of verbatim theatre in which the testimony of each person is presented as authentically as possible, 30:60:80 is an invitation to three landmark birthdays to meet three remarkable birthday girls.


Devised and performed by Amy Conway
Devised and directed by Victoria Beesley

In association with Platform

Supported by Creative Scotland

30:60:80 toured theatre and community venues across Scotland in February and March 2016. 




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